[Sleuthhounds]Pureluck Homes is a feline consulting detective. Jane Ampson a freelance writing mouse. Together they are the Sleuthhounds and they’re here to solve the confounding crimes baffling police forces the world over.

Sleuthhounds is a series of computer adventure games where you (yes, you!) take control of both Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson. You’ll guide the detecting duo through their most challenging and hi-larious cases (you’ll know they’ll be funny because hilarious was spelt with a hyphen). Set in the ever expanding Cubes storyverse, discover more about the Sleuthhounds cases below.

[Sleuthhounds - The Yuletide Tail]

The Yuletide Tail

Released December, 2017

[Sleuthhounds - The Halloween Deception]

The Halloween Deception

Released October, 2016

[Sleuthhounds - The Valentine's Vendetta]

The Valentine’s Vendetta

Released February, 2016

[Sleuthhounds - The Cursed Cannon]

The Cursed Cannon

Released November, 2015

[Sleuthhounds - The Unlocked Room]

The Unlocked Room

Released March, 2015

[Sleuthhounds - The Unlocked Room]

Amelia Deerhart
and the Elemental Temple

Released September, 2016