Sleuthhounds Series Summer Sale

August 18, 2017

It’s summer, the perfect time to hunker down in front of a computer, play some games, and stay away from damaging UV rays. To help in this endeavor, the Sleuthhounds series is on sale through September 2, 2017. Read More

Time for a Timeline

August 11, 2017

Later this year the Sleuthhounds Christmas adventure game releases. Among the gifts it contains (it is a Christmas game after all) is the return of the venerable timeline puzzle from earlier Sleuthhounds games. It was pointed out to me on multiple occasions that the most recently released game, The Halloween Deception didn’t include a timeline puzzle to solve. Such a puzzle didn’t really fit that game but it does fit this newest game and so…it’s back! Read More

Save and Load: A Developer Tool

August 4, 2017

The second last technical piece of the Robyn HUD puzzle has fallen into place this week. Namely the ability to save and load games. Freely saving and loading the game state is tremendously useful for developing and debugging games. It’s also something that’s difficult to implement early in development when the minute details of the technical requirements of the game are only vaguely defined. Read More

The Cast of Robyn HUD: The Guard(s)

July 28, 2017

The Robyn HUD computer game is all about the player performing stealthy heists. Of course, in order to be stealthy, there has to be someone to be stealthy against. There’s no point in sneaking down a hallway if there’s nobody there to sneak by. To turn that nobody into a somebody means populating the game world with guards. Read More

HUD Hacking v2.0

July 21, 2017

In recent weeks on Robyn HUD I’ve been working to get the game to a point where I can put it in front of people for play testing. It’s generally considered best to get feedback sooner rather than later. The tricky thing is getting a game to an advanced enough state that play testers can see past the rough edges to focus on the gameplay areas that are most important. One area where I knew there were enough rough edges to prevent that goal was in the hacking system of the game. Read More