Lights, Camera, Action: The Intro Scene

April 21, 2017

Last week, I posted briefly the start of the Arthur character model for my Robyn HUD game. I’ve also previously blogged about work on the back of the police van that the player starts the game confined in. If you’ve placed the rough draft Twine intro of the game then you may recall that Arthur arrives at the police van to offer the player a position in a secret thief organization. Read More

The Cast of Robyn HUD: Arthur

April 14, 2017

I took a break from programming and writing tasks on Robyn HUD this week to spend a little time creating more “artsy” assets for the game. Among them, I started working on the character model for one of the supporting cast: Arthur. Read More

Adventures in Facial Capture: Using Kinect Data (Part 1)

April 7, 2017

In the middle of last year I started playing around with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for the Xbox One as a tool for recording motion capture data for the character models for my Robyn HUD game. Recently, I’ve started playing with another aspect of the Kinect sensor: facial animation capture. Read More

Stairway to Gaming

March 31, 2017

In game development one of the fun and useful things about being able to program – aside from programming the actual game – is you can build simple custom programs to address specific development challenges. One of the levels I’m currently working on for my Robyn HUD game presented just such a challenge: stairs. Read More

The Sleuthhounds Effect

March 24, 2017

In recent weeks I’ve mostly been posting about the development of the Robyn HUD computer game. However, it’s not the only game I have in development. On the side, I’ve also been putting about ten hours a week into the upcoming Sleuthhounds Christmas holiday adventure. Working on both games at the same time has really brought home the production advantages of building on previous work. Read More