Moving Ideas Forward

June 23, 2017

When working on a long term creative project, no matter how excited you are about that project overall, you’ll go through periods where your interest waxes and wanes. When your interest is high, you’ll usually make a lot of progress in a short time. When your interest lessens, progress becomes harder because you’re more easily distracted and less focused on what you’re doing. The important thing is to not let your interest wane to the point where your project curls up and dies completely. Read More

Windows Were Meant to be Resized

June 16, 2017

Creative works don’t come out of a vacuum. They’re inspired by the things we see and hear and experience around us. Sometimes they’re inspired by other people’s creative endeavours. One such source of inspiration for my Robyn HUD computer game is the 2007 adventure game Experience 112 (a.k.a The Experiment in North America). The things this game gets right provided some level of inspiration but the things this game gets wrong provided even more inspiration. Read More

Blueprints from Buildings

June 9, 2017

When working on a long term project, like my Robyn HUD computer game, it can be beneficial to take a little time out to work on something else and clear the cobwebs out of the brain. It can be especially beneficial if that “something else” can be folded back into the long term project to help it along. Such was the case with a little side project I did recently to help generate the blueprint images I need for Robyn HUD. Read More

Expanded Scenes

June 2, 2017

More than any other Sleuthhounds game before, with the upcoming Christmas game I spent time working out the asset requirements and scope of the game. Having completed four Sleuthhounds games already, and having tracked the time I spent on them, I thought I was in a good place to estimate how long the different pieces of the Christmas game would take to create to ensure the game would be ready for the deadline. As I’ve discussed previously, I even had to cut some content from the game to hit my internal deadline. As much as I’ve tried to control the scope of the game I did encounter a case just recently where I had to expand things to a degree. Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Robyn

May 26, 2017

It’s been some time since I wrote about the artificial intelligence for guards and for bystanders in the upcoming Robyn HUD game. At last I’m back to write on the subject of the artificial intelligence for Robyn herself. Robyn’s AI requires a level of sophistication far greater than the other agents populating the game world. Read More