[Satin and Sutherland]

“These hands can fix anything.”

–Satin New Brunswick

“I could tell that as soon as I saw you.”

–William “Deuces” Sutherland

Satin New Brunswick is a mechanician—a gearhead—of the first order. She hasn’t met a contraption her technical skills can’t make better. Her compassionate nature compels her to help others as she’s able.

William “Deuces” Sutherland is a gambler and con man (he would say storyteller). He lives for the thrill of the con. When discovered, he’ll switch stories until he finds one that works.

Together the two travel the length and breadth of the 19th century Dominion of Canada. Not the 19th century of our reality but a heightened reality where machinery is driven by powerful chromosphorite steam engines, whiskey pirates roam the prairies, brave adventurers have taken to the skies years before the advent of the aeroplane, and voices are carried on beams of light. Into this world enter Satin and Sutherland, searching for adventure and excitement.

[Satin & Sutherland and the Golden Curse]

The Golden Curse

A treasure. A murder. A curse.

The Dominion of Canada, 1879

When con man William “Deuces” Sutherland wins a cryptic map in a poker game, he’s off to find a lost golden bonanza and he’s taking his friend, the beautiful and talented mechanician Satin New Brunswick, with him.

Together with a surveyor, a nurse, two aeronauts, and the North-West Mounted Police, the two must decipher the map, deal with crazed prospectors, survive acts of God, and oh, yes escape the dread prairie whiskey pirates of Captain Rotgut and the infamous Rum Runner.

And if that’s not enough, the gold is rumored to be in the thrall of a curse. A curse that’s already claimed more than one life.

Released December 2014

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Trailer #1: Cursed

Trailer #2: Pursued