Animating in the Rain

September 22, 2017

It seems like summer is indeed well and truly over this year as it’s another rather chilly, dreary, drizzly, grey day outside. Fortunately, this week I’ve been spending time on some of the animations for the upcoming Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail computer adventure game. One of those animations in particular is quite apropos and has been a long time coming (four Sleuthounds games in point of fact).

Since she first appeared in The Cursed Cannon, Jane Ampson has been lugging her lucky umbrella around with her through all her sleuthing adventures. While she’s used it to stab scattered notes, topple high books, and to shield herself from yuk-yuk yarn, she has never used it in its proper context of sheltering herself from falling water. With The Yuletide Tail that all changes. Check it out.

[Ampson wielding her umbrella.]
Ampson wielding her umbrella.

Until next time, stay out of the rain (unless you have an umbrella and your galoshes).