Robyn’s Wheels

May 12, 2017

What good is successfully pulling off a heist in the upcoming Robyn HUD computer game if your thief can’t make a speedy escape? As mentioned when properly introducing Robyn Chambers a couple of weeks ago, the cat burglar uses an old, cobbled together Corvette as her getaway ride and home away from home.

This week, I put a little time into modeling Robyn’s car. Here are some early shots showing the work in progress model with some early colouring:

[The front of Robyn's car (work in progress).]
The front of Robyn’s car (work in progress).

[And the back (also work in progress).]
And the back (also work in progress).

I want to keep the colouring in roughly the same palette as Robyn herself. However, I must admit to not being entirely sold on the green just yet. I’ll play around with the colour scheme a bit more and hopefully hit on a colour that fits both Robyn and the car.