Robyn HUD: The face

February 3, 2017

Among the various Robyn HUD game tasks I’ve been working on this week, I squeezed in a little time to start developing the face of the Robyn character model. This is a follow up to starting work on the body of the Robyn character last week.

[Rough guides showing the design of the Robyn face.]
Rough guides showing the design of the Robyn face.

As with the body, I started with a couple of 2D views of the face to use as a guide for where features should be placed in 3D. The character model will ultimately have hair, but (a) the hair is going to be non-symmetric (and so can’t just be duplicated and flipped in the model) and (b) it’s easier to start modeling the face independent of the hair so that dangling strands and the like don’t get in the way.

[The work in progress Robyn face.]
The work in progress Robyn face.

Above is where the face is currently at. I want to make a few more tweaks, especially in the temples which “feel” a bit narrow right now. As well, the texturing at this point is very rudimentary and currently only there to highlight the different features on the face. Watch for further face iterations in future blog installments.