Robyn HUD: The Body

January 27, 2017

Now that I’ve started actual production on Robyn HUD the first task that I wanted to take care of was creating a good 3D model for the Robyn character. She’s the character the player will be spending the most time with in the game so I wanted to make sure to get her just right.

[A couple of the design guides for the Robyn model.]
A couple of the design guides for the Robyn model.

To help model the character I started by drawing a reference image in the traditional “T” pose from all angles. The T pose is nice as it allows easy access around the model without the limbs and body getting in the way of each other.

To make the character more interesting, there are a few details in the design that are not symmetrical. She wears a glove on one hand, has an arrow pin affixed to one side of her jacket, and has an armband for holding her cell phone so she can easily communicate with the player. Apart from these, however, her model is left/right symmetrical. This is useful from a modeling point of view as only half the body actually has to be modeled and the other half can just be mirrored.

[The current symmetrical Robyn model, sans head.]
The current symmetrical Robyn model, sans head.

Here’s where the model’s currently at without the asymmetrical bits and also without the head. I’ve been making various 2D head sketches but I’m not satisfied with the look just yet. So, for the moment at least, I’m just working with a headless Robyn.

Also at this point, I’m just using simple flat colouring on the Robyn model as shown. I haven’t done any texturing of the model yet to introduce finer details into its look. That’s something that can come a little farther down the road. Keep a look out for updates on the Robyn model in future blog posts.