Coming Soon: Sleuthhounds – The Halloween Deception

October 28, 2016

We’re into the final countdown for the release of the next Sleuthhounds computer adventure game: The Halloween Deception. Three days until Halloween. Three days until the game’s release. At the time of writing, seven items remain on my issue list for the game. Only one of those items is a “must have” and it should already be done, only requiring some final testing. Everything looks good for a Halloween release.

The end of a project is always an exciting, nerve-wracking, sugar-fueled experience. With overtime. It’s always possible to keep tweaking a project of this nature to make it a smidgeon better. However, if you keep doing that, then you never release. Eventually, you just have to let your projects escape into the wild and hold your breath to see how they’re received. That doesn’t stop you from trying to slip in improvements right up to the last minute possible though!

In looking back to my last release, Sleuthhounds – The Valentine’s Vendetta, I saw that I provided a single screenshot to tide people over from the “Coming Soon” announcement to the actual release announcement. Well, I think we can do one better this time. Here’s a snazzy new game trailer to tide you over until Monday (assuming you haven’t dipped into the Halloween candy early this year; for shame).

And if you’re looking for more, head over to the Sleuthhounds game page for a full game description, features list, screenshot gallery, and system requirements.