Coming Soon: Sleuthhounds – The Valentine’s Vendetta

February 12, 2016

The next Sleuthhounds computer adventure game is coming soon. Very soon. Like, two days soon. Unless any nasty eleventh hour surprises spring up, Sleuthhounds – The Valentine’s Vendetta will be released, appropriately enough, on February 14th.

The Valentine’s Vendetta will see players taking on the roles of both Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson together for the first time. The past couple of weeks I’ve been expounding on the challenges of creating a game that features two playable characters both in terms of design and in terms of production. It was because of those challenges that I decided not to announce this game before now. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hit my desired February 14th release date or not.

When I completed work on The Cursed Cannon there were several areas—most notably, but not limited to, the dual player character thing—that I wanted to do further development on in a short adventure before tackling them in something longer. That short adventure became The Valentine’s Vendetta. Setting it against Valentine’s Day seemed like a natural given when I started working on it in November 2015 and recognizing that I wanted a bit of a break in December (hey, indie game devs need time off too).

The Valentine’s Vendetta is an adventure game that takes place entirely within the dining room of Jane Ampson’s gentlewomens club, the Crimson Debutantes. Jane and Pureluck have been summoned by some of the club members because of a sinister occurrence. After all, nothing says l’amour like l’murder.

So come back in two days’ time to get yourself a holiday flavoured mini adventure: Sleuthhounds – The Valentine’s Vendetta. And if you can’t wait two days, here’s a little screenshot to tide you over.

[The dining room of the Crimson Debutantes.]
The dining room of the Crimson Debutantes.