[Richard Hoover]Hello and welcome to SeaLeft Studios!

SeaLeft Studios is home to my creative endeavours. I started SeaLeft Studios because I wanted to make my stories, computer software, and other assorted projects available to, well, the world. I hope you find something to entertain, amuse, or assist you. And I hope you will join me on this journey.

–Richard Hoover

[The Yuletide Tail]

SleuthHounds: The Yuletide Tail

Christmas. A time of peace on earth. A time of goodwill to everyone. A time for friends and relatives to get on each others' nerves.

As consulting detectives Jane Ampson and Pureluck Homes settle down to a less than harmonious Christmas day, word comes of a case. A case from an eccentric writer living in a secluded manor.

The search is on for an item that not even the owner can remember. What secrets do these dusty halls hold? What bearing have they on the tensions between the detectives? And, most importantly, will there be figgy pudding at the end?

Guide Jane Ampson and Pureluck Homes through this challenging Christmas caper.

Get the game and begin your investigation.

Satin & Sutherland: The Golden Curse

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The Dominion of Canada, 1879

When con man William “Deuces” Sutherland wins a cryptic map in a poker game, he’s off to find a lost golden bonanza and he’s taking his friend, the beautiful and talented mechanician Satin New Brunswick, with him.

Together with a surveyor, a nurse, two aeronauts, and the North-West Mounted Police, the two must decipher the map, deal with crazed prospectors, survive acts of God, and oh, yes escape the dread prairie whiskey pirates of Captain Rotgut and the infamous Rum Runner.

And if that’s not enough, the gold is rumored to be in the thrall of a curse. A curse that’s already claimed more than one life.

Follow the trail to more details, trailers, and downloadable sample chapters.

What You’ll Find:

SeaLeft Studios is my creative world. As with any world, you’ll find an eclectic mix of all sorts of stuff. Just take a look below. And check back often for new content.

  • Blog – A place for my general ramblings and news updates. Always updated on Fridays. Except when it isn't.
  • Satin & Sutherland – Satin and Sutherland are the main characters in my first “for publication” novel. A gearhead and a con man, they adventure across Canada in the late 1800s. A Canada powered by chromosphorite steam engines, connected by telecommunications carried on light, and plagued by prairie pirates.
  • Sleuthhounds – Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson are anthropomorphic detectives determined to deduce difficult mysteries. But they can't do it alone. Guide the sleuths in this series of point-n-click adventure games for your personal computer or tablet.
  • The Cubes – Cubes is a web comic I author and illustrate over on SeaLeft’s sister site. It features a group of anthropomorphic characters dealing with the utterly bizarre business world. Pop on by the full site at www.CubesComic.com to read more.
  • Freeware – I’m a computer programmer by trade and I’ve made a number of software tools for my own purposes. Find them here completely free to use.